Who we are

We're an association of people passionate about promoting restorative justice in Switzerland.

As a Forum we're members of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ).


Claudia Christen-Schneider
Cert. in Restorative Justice, Mediator, MSc cand. Criminology and Criminal Justice

Catherine Jaccottet Tissot, Dr. jur.
Lawyer, Mediator, Honorary Member OAV

Danica Graf
Leader of Victims' Support Group
Experienced Involvement

Werner Burkhard
Retired Prison Leader, Social Pedagogue

Rudolf Szabo
Board Member
Work Pedagogue, Anti-Agression Trainer, former offender

André Kuhn, Prof. Dr.
Board Member
Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Neuchâtel

Further founding members:

Nicolas Charrière
Pastor, Prison Chaplain

Ines Aubert
Special education teacher

Estefania Simonetti
BA in Sociology, Cert. in Restorative Justice

Compsoft Büchler, Schönenbuch, CH